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Our Featured Customer

Jackie Paul has a unique story which we wanted to capture here by featuring this amazing woman and the opportunity we had in working with her. 

Jackie is a British Columbia resident and contacted us through our Kijiji ad. Jackie unfortunately lost her left leg October 19, 2021 due to 3 aortic aneurysms. After four operations and determination, Jackie has not allowed this disability to hold her back. She is a true

inspiration for so many people and she has a huge following on social media. Jackie is also connected with James Manley, National Vice President of Bikers are Buddies in Calgary. He arranged for transport of "Pearl Girl" to our shop.  Tony Litousky, President of Bikers are Buddies in Medicine Hat, assisted in returning Jackie's "Pearl Girl home. Jackie has captured the hearts of many and she certainly has captured ours. 

Jackie's bike design is unique and was customized specifically for her. After many phone calls and facetimes regarding her needs, we accomplished her goal. We added a custom Widow Maker, added a brace to her foot peddle so her prosthetic would be secured, we added our custom trike kit, side boxes and a special brace at the back of her trike where she could carry her crutches.


This was a heartfelt project for us which was challenging at times but the end result will never be forgotten. We were so happy with Jackie's response when she got her "Pearl Girl" back and to see her ride again was a tremendous blessing. We have had reports that Jackie is enjoying her "new bike" and is finding it comfortable with the Widow maker. We continue to keep in touch to ensure our work is guaranteed and if there are any issues Jackie may have. She is an amazing woman and certainly has a special place in our hearts. Thank you Jackie for your friendship, your story and your business. 

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