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Boarder Band
Comleted Trike Kit

We are a home based family business, sole proprietor, and we just opened our doors full-time in 2021. We were doing this as a hobby, but during our first trip to Yellowstone Park, the admiration from our first trike was getting a lot of attention.


We were both working full-time jobs that we were not happy with, so we decided to semi-retire and run our own business. My wife encouraged me to build Trike Kits as a full-time business and we never thought it would have as much interest as it does now.


We placed an ad on Kijiji and to our surprise, we had over 4000 hits on our first ad. We were building trike kits for Goldwing's only, but then we were getting calls from Harley riders, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and more. We have had to expand, customize and redesign our kits to fit every bike which we were not expecting; however, it has made our business profitable and it's been a learning curve.


We soon realized that there was also a market for individuals with special needs. We were getting calls from people who wanted to continue to ride but due to physical limitations, they were not able; however, we are now making it possible and we are accommodating riders with disabilities which has been a great challenge, but a humbling one.


One of our customers friends was so pleased with our work she said this, "Thank you Nigel and Cindy, if you could see Jackie's  joy, you would know what love this labor has given her heart. I get to experience her joy almost every day in this, so thank you, thank you for lighting the heart in my friend with your talent. So much thought and care into this for her. Thank you, you are a friend to my heart for what you have done for her. There will be a rain of blessings in your life, nothing is better than seeing a miracle take place here and you were a part of one huge miracle I got to see, thank you." After reading this, it has made our work much more worth while.


We are enjoying what we do and we have met some very heart warming and interesting people along the way from all across Canada. Our customers have been happy with the product thus far, with a few minor adjustments, but these are minor compared to the compliments we get for a job well done. 

Our mission is and always will be, to guarantee our work, ensure our customers are happy, and they are satisfied with the service.

If any alterations are needed or adjustments need to be made, we will be happy to accommodate. Like our slogan says, "A Comfortable Ride is a Happy Ride".


Please follow us on Facebook and Join our group. 

Thank you to all our customers and future customers. 

Boarder Band
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